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The Future is in Solar

We can help save you money for your building site, whether its an office, school, college or factory using advanced Solar PV technology that works for years and years, giving you excellent return on your investments

We build solar plants for you, any size !

Solar Plants are an excellent investment today, and can earn you more money than investing in a bank FD account. Talk to our financial experts, who can help manage your financial investments into solar. The assets that we build for you are built to last a lifetime.

Residential Use

Talk to us for building your solar plant that can meet your household power load ranging from 1KWp to 20 KWp plants that are built on your rooftop

commercial solar project

Commercial Use

For factories, we have tailor-made solutions that can work for you, irrespective of size - ranging from 20 KWp plants to 1 MWp and more...

Utility Scale Power Plants

We cater to the entire end to end needs for setting up a MW scale plant, including design and engineering, and complete EPC for your plant.

Why Choose Solar ?

With enough sunshine available, solar energy has emerged as the best choice for meeting energy needs for every building owner. In the recent past, it has become an investment opportunity for generating stable and high returns on capital assets. Finally, solar remains as the top choice for building owners who wish to go green and meet energy requirements in a sustainable manner. 

70% Savings

Customers realize upto 70 % savings on their monthly electricity bills, and save significantly on energy bills from the first day itself.

Easy Maintenance

We take care of end to end maintainence of the solar asset, thus eliminating any worries on your downtime, or breakdowns.

100% Eco Friendly

For corporates wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, solar power is the first choice and preferred to other sources owing to its ease of setting up.

Quick Enquiry

#1 Easy Installation

With us, you can be rest assured that your solar plant shall be put up in the minimum possible timeframe and as per a pre-defined project plan.

#2 Assured Quality

We work with the best technology there is  and offer a choice of equipment for establishing your solar plant. Our value for money offering ensures top notch quality.

#3 Finance Options

Talk to us, in case you wish to go solar and need some financing. Our motto is to make it easy for you to Go Green. Money should not be a hurdle.

#4 Lifetime Support

Having set up your asset, the solar plant should continue to perform as per plan, over its lifetime. We work with you to remotely monitor your asset and support and service your plant needs.

Start your solar journey - Save money today..

We help you assess your site and understand your requirements, to prepare a tailor made plan for you to go solar - and explain the financial savings that can accrue to you over time.

Clients Feedback

I am really satisfied with the service of Urja Unlimited team- right from the initial stages, where we were explained why and how we can benefit from installing solar for our energy requirements to helping us choose the right equipment - and then installing it with impeccable project management - Kudos to the team and wish them luck !Dr. Arun MehtaDr. Arun MehtaManaging Director, AK Pharmaceuticals
We examined the project offering from different vendors ultimately zeroing in on the Urja Unlimited team - our decision was spot on and the actual performance of the team, while delivery and executing the project was as promised.Pankaj MohantyPankaj MohantyPlant Engineer, JS Construction
The technically strong team helped us overcome design challenges for our rooftop installation, for 36KW solar pv plant, as the roof had to be supported before mounting solar panels. All the project supervision done by the execution team helped us, and ended up commissioning the project on time..Thanks to the team for all the support and Good Luck !Jivan BhaskerJivan BhaskerHead Projects, JM Machines Pvt Ltd

Solutions We Offer

We offer end to end solutions in the solar PV business, including EPC and Solar Financing solutions for large PV Plants

Solar Modules

We have extensive supplies for top quality solar panels - Mono Crystalline, PolyCrystalline and Mono PERC and Half Cut technologies

Solar Rooftop Projects

We set up solar rooftop plants that save money for factories, warehouses, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals and similar large building owners.

Solar Utility Scale PV Projects

We provide installation and commissioning for utility scale PV power plants for developers and project owners - both for solar park and government projects

Solar Financing

For credit rated customers, we work on establishing PPA with leading developers. Our tariffs compete favorably with existing market benchmarks.

Solar Consulting

We provide services from project plant design and engineering, including DPR and feasibility, complete project management, and statutory permissions

Solar Lighting

We manufacture and supply Solar LED products and Lighting solutions - AC and DC lighting, including solar homelights, streetlights and solar lanterns.

What Type of Solar Project is Right for You?

Our team of experts guides you through the correct solar plant design, capacity and model for you to embark on your solar journey. We work on plans that work best for you both in terms of returns and investment payback on solar assets, and keeping in view your resource mix and future plans. Going solar with Urja Unlimited is an excellent decision, to help you save money while ensuring that your energy needs are met through sustainable sources in the most cost effecient manner.  

Solar Projects & Packages

For smaller PV plants, we work on ready financial packages for some of the select residential customers, who meet our credit criteria and work with our partners for quick credit checks. The packages are based on family, rooftopsize ( and available area), feasibility and load requirements / savings criteria.

Silver Package ( 1-3 KWp)

  • EMI payments starting from as low as INR 2000
  • Tenure : 60 months
  • O & M for tenure length possible

Gold Package (4-8 KWp)

  • EMI payments starting from as low as INR 3000
  • Tenures : 48 to 60 months
  • O & M for tenure length possible

Platinum Package (9-12 KWp)

  • EMI payments starting from as low as INR 3600
  • Tenures : 36 to 72 months
  • O & M for tenure length possible

Diamond Package ( 13-20 KWp)

  • EMI payments starting from as low as INR 5000
  • Tenures : 36 to 72 months
  • O & M for tenure length possible

Frequently Asked Questions

All we need is your consent form and we file your application for you, through our association, we help you get your incentives ( based on the state that you are setting up your plant).

We offer our customers a choice of packages, including brands and equipment suppliers that we have worked in the past and are comfortable with. The customer is recommended choices based on our past experience and he/she is free to make a choice.

We recommend to the customers all solar plant types clearing all confusion in his/her mind. Off grid and On grid plants, that can be set up based on the site conditions. We lay down all facts, advantages and disadvantages clearly before you to make a clear and well informed choice.

Normally, a small plant can be set up in a matter of 2-3 weeks – end to end. A larger factory rooftop may take longer, keeping in mind the size of the project, but generally speaking from the time of go ahead, till commissioning takes normally 4-5 weeks.

We help customers go solar – our aim is to get more and more customers to go green. In certain cases, we link you up with financial investors who can help credit assess and then set up a PPA for larger projects.

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