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Solar Rooftop Projects

Get Solar Panels installed on your Rooftop

Everywhere across the world, people are talking about how solar is re-organising the rooftop and building owners covering their rooftops with solar plants. We help you achieve your dream of energy savings and making money from your idle rooftops in a quick, easy manner. Whether you are a home owner or a factory rooftop, or a small office building, we help unlock savings for you from the space that is available with you. Start saving with solar with paybacks as low as three years in some cases !

Starting on your solar journey will take you less than 5 minutes !

Let our experts measure and check your rooftop and assess the overall potential for the site – all you need is a copy of your latest electricity bill while you schedule a site survey with our experts. We do all the work for you while you sit back and relax, and see your solar plant getting installed. 

Just fill in the enquiry form, with basic details as required for us to schedule a site survey based on your convenience. A site survey shall take less than 1.5 hours, and a rooftop plan / architect’s drawing shall help immensely. Our team creates a sketch and a rooftop plan and proposal for you using the preliminary site plan, for you to consider financial feasibility. We advise you on financing your solar plant and the returns it generates for you as well. 

From the time that you give us the go ahead, and the time it takes you to go solar, normally takes less than 6 weeks – of course, it depends on location, complexity of the project and the utility company in your area / existing policies that decide how quickly matters move. With our full support and dedicated support, you can have a fully functional solar rooftop with savings from the same month that you decide to go solar. So what are you waiting for – go ahead and fill in the details on the enquiry form for your solar journey to begin ….!

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Rooftop Solar can Save you Money

If you are thinking about going solar or installing a solar plant on your rooftop, you may wish to talk to our consultants and run our solar calculator to check your approximate savings.  It is a further validation for you to understand the benefits of installing a solar plant on your rooftop. With paybacks sometimes as low as three years, it is a compelling business case for generating power on your own, using your idle rooftops. Factory owners, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotel and Commercial buildings are ideally poised to benefit from the low cost of energy. An asset that performs for over 25 years, using cutting edge solar technology ensures that you keep benefitting many times over, even after recovering your initial investment into solar. Interested, let us how you the financial benefits to you  – just click on the link below ..

Rooftop Solar benefits all types of building owners

We specialise and have separate teams for different segments and meeting needs for our customers. Every customer – Every rooftop is important and we envisage a world, where most rooftops are covered with solar panels. Whilst the savings accrue in every case, our financial consultants tell you about the best practices in your segment and how your peers are continuing to benefit using solar as well. 

Residential Rooftop

Residential rooftops in every city, can help save every household save money, and keep budgets under tight control. The story gets better..

Commercial Rooftop

For mall owners, or hospital or hotel buildings, every rupee saved can mean a lot, and the segment has embraced solar very well.

Industrial Rooftop Solar

Factory Owners save a lot, since they are bulk consumers and upto 40% savings on monthly utility bills can impact immensely.

Our Recent Projects

With a client centric approach, we work on providing maximum benefit for all our rooftop clients  We list below a partial list of customers, who have benefited, having installed solar plants with us in the recent years. 

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