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Utility Scale PV Projects

Our Solar Projects Division

We work with the top developers and help create solar assets that work and perform, at optimal levels, through our in house project division. Over 20 MW of assets have been created where our team has been involved directly in one of the areas related to design, engineering, procurement, project management, installation and commissioning. We work with diverse teams, handling solar asset development with the top financiers – both in India and internationally, to deliver consistent returns for long term on these solar assets.

Areas of Interest

Ground Mounted Solar Projects

We work with large land owners and interested developers to secure rights on long term basis upwards of 30 years or more, and build solar plants

Utility scale rooftop

Ideal for MNCs, large warehouses, or ports, airports, where large rooftop areas are available for establishing projects that can be used for captive consumption / open access.

Solar Park Area Development

We work with other larger solar park development companies to build 5-25 MW level solar parks with complete infrastructure available in house for quick and efficient commissioning.

Benefits of Commercial Scale Solar Projects

India is emerging as one of the cheapest producer of solar energy across the globe. Naturally, solar consumers benefit from the lower costs that get passed on to them, and are free to use and derive competitive advantages from a variety of solutions that are available. 

Benefit from Utility Scale PV Projects

Every large consumer can benefit from our solar park partner schemes

Our endeavour is to make solar power accessible and cheaper for enterprises to derive maximum benefits from. Our team of experts works with your finance and administration team, to understand the energy usage patterns, and check for an appropriate solution for you that helps you run your business leaner and better, and control and predict costs smartly.  

Lower costs

Every business can benefit using the advantages that solar power offers – namely lower costs for every unit consumed. Any business that has significant energy consumption can see a net bottom-line impact almost immediately by deploying one of our solutions.


Business is all about controlling risk – and business owners love any thing that moves their businesses towards better predictability. Solar is attractive to businesses since it makes energy costs more predicatable and helps business owners gain better control on a major expense input.


Our solutions are all about customization and are tailor made for your requirements and work with you as you grow. You have the options to increase (or decrease) or exit based on your business plans. 

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