Joining hands with the telecom giant Uninor, under the provision of Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR), Urja Unlimited undertook the Community Solar Street Lighting Programme in an attempt to literally overcome darkness – these lights provide light in the usually dark village streets, allowing the community to extend its functions both economically and socially. One can see the change in social behaviour, and extended working hours, and increased safety for women in the village, elders discussing contemporary topics.

The village of Konkera and Bachera in Uttar Pradesh were awarded the privilege of these eco-friendly lights in the year 2010. They operate from a battery that charges during the day via solar panels. Therefore, not only can the villagers now work at night but they also have the opportunity to interact socially after the sun sets.

Corporates all over the world appease their conscience by painting their windows and logos green but the filth pouring out of those industrial pipes does nothing but increase. We learned how Urja Unlimited kept the idea of ‘think global, act local’ as its driving philosophy and achieved tremendous success.

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