Net Metering – long awaited has started to make an appearance in New Delhi, and more and more residents and buildings are expected to benefit from its use.

The utility companies are expected to buy power at INR 5.50 from the residents who can produce power from their rooftop. While the article below has the details, and mentions broad and indicative rates, perhaps it may be beneficial for residents to check the rates and installation costs themselves, by sending in an email to

The pricing for a small rooftop power pack could be as low as INR 64000 per unit. This would be sufficient for smaller loads, and to meet needs of a small family. This will not have storage as part of the solar power pack. Off Grid solar packs are ones that have battery back up built in as well, and can store some power for the night as well.

Separate energy meters installed at the household level can measure energy produced and consumed / exported into the grid, for the grid tied systems. The scheme can work in Delhi, and many residents have already expressed willingness to go in for such systems. We are helping install several such systems, and can work with other companies in this space to help install more.

The utility company benefits since they dont have to buy expensive power – at peak power rates. Some amounts of energy ( typically during day time) can be produced using solar. If residents do this, en masse, the amount of electricity required during day use gets significantly reduced.

More details in this article that appeared in HT some time back…click and read more…!

                   Article in Hindustan Times – talks about netmetering

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