The World Economic Forum in Davos released a study on Green Investing: Towards a Clean Energy Infrastructure. In the study it states that “two billion people worldwide have no access to modern fuels and 1.6 billion have no access to electricity. Many of these people are based in the Indian sub continenent – over 50 % of them. Isnt it time for to be doing something about this and taking stock.

The Indian government, has been trying to solve this problem of making energy access for the poor and the people living in remote areas for a long time. Has it succeeded ? Is there a will to make this happen ? 

Perhaps what is required is a private initiative to make this happen. It would be interesting to see a private and people partnership to achieve what the government has not been able to achieve over the last 45 years.

Do comment and reach out – let us know what you feel and lets get a public debate going on this.

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