Typically, most householders / office owners are looking to install solar on the rooftops for the following reasons

Lower Monthly Electricity Bills

India is a hot country and most homes and offices run air conditioning for 5-6 months in an year on a regular basis. Some of the upper middle class owners would run on climate control for atleast 8-9 months. These appliances are the biggest consumers of energy. With most electric utilities charging between Rs. 8-10 for electricity costs, monthly bills spiral upwards in the hot summer months. Solar Power costs are much lower in the vicinity of
Rs. 5-6 per KWh of energy generated over the long term. In addition to this, the energy costs become predictable for any building, since unlike fossil fuel based energy, there is little increase in the per unit generation cost. Energy from the sun remains free to source and generate once the capital upfront costs have been incurred, and the annual maintenance costs are also low.

Alternate Source of Power

While things are becoming normal, and the demand supply gap is being lowered as India moves towards more electricity being generated, building owners do feel the need for alternate power source. Installing a solar power plant on the rooftop is a perfect solution for any building owner. In the event of any outage, there is an alternate power source available. A rider to that is that the system must be off-grid. In simple terms, it means that the 

Green is the only way out

Buildings and construction has to Go Green ! There is simply no way out of there. As awareness increases, the need to conserve water and energy becomes more critical for building owners. There is growing regulation around this and for new construction, sanctions and building clearances shall depend on the extent to which the building is green / sustainable. Infact, there may be even more incentives for relatively greener buildings. WorldWide, there is a growing recognition for sustainable architecture.
At Urja Unlimited, the aim is to get buildings to become more sustainable and greener. With solar rooftops being installed on residential and commercial buildings, clean and green energy gets generated, leading to lower emissions and helping in lower energy costs. Learn how to go solar in our next blog, right here on pure-n-green.blogspot.com !

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