Urja Unlimited predicts, that this summer shall see severe power outages putting forth an unprecedented amount of inconvenience for the residents. The power outages, are largely due to demand outstripping supply like never before. But there is good news around the corner.. the solar panel prices have fallen ( although seem to have stablized now) and it is possible for most residents to ensure
that their rooftops are min power plants by themselves. Rooftop power plants simply involve installing solar panels, with the necessary mounting structure, and necessary wiring and cabling. Most houses in India, have a back up system in place, which includes an AC powered inverter ( DC into AC when required) and battery. The inverter is typically sized basis the load that the household runs. Often, during the day the loads are low, and the solar power generation can keep the battery fully charged – thereby ensuring that there is adequate power back up available for the household load. And for the longer power cuts that the residents shall face…our view remains that solar power is cost effective, vis a vis DG sets, and /or other options that are popular. There is an awareness that is developing amongst an increasing number of residents,  the evidence being that we are being swamped with enquiries around solar inverters and rooftop installations. You could write into contact@urjaunlimited.in to know more on this.. More on this section in the near future about new inverters and pricing around solar rooftop plants ! Sunny times !!!

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