It has been estimated that Air Pollution causes a huge drop in the generation potential of the solar PV plants installed in the North India region. Yes, while the hot and sunny conditions do make it feasible for solar PV plants to be installed in this part of India, research by several agencies has shown that the dusty conditions during certain months of the year, and the smog like effect mostly prevalent in winter months, reduces output and generation by as much as 35% causing a big drop in overall yield of the solar PV plants

Air Pollution has a direct connection with the yield of the PV plant and efforts to improve Air Quality are therefore, urgently required. One must also keep in mind, that measuring Air Quality is all the more important, because for most of us, it is difficult to fathom whether the AQI has improved or deteriorated  unless we can see a number that displays it all. Unfortunately, the monitoring stations are far and few, and woefully inadequate.

This must change. Investments must be made in research and development to bring forth such technologies, to the forefont, and within reach of the common man. AQI and Air Pollution must be measured more, and displayed more, for people to start realizing the changes on a day to day basis. 

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