The fact remains that a lot of people value safety over economics.

This cannot be more true to than in the case of of electric vehicles and when it comes to to making a choice for for yours and family transportation needs.

Recent researches has pointed out that as much as 33% of the respondents are sitting on the fence for not making a decision to buy an electric vehicle just because of safety concerns and the reports in the media about fires breaking out. This number was follower about 6 to 9 months ago. Now, the industry has to sit up and take notice of the potential this has to affect negatively their sales volume. The decline in the numbers opting to buy by an electric vehicle over the next six months is primarily also because of several media reports that have highlighted recent cases of accidents and various photographs circulating in the social media. And, we are all aware how negative outcomes become viral quickly. All the efforts which are being done by the government, in terms of promoting the the EV industry, and the various incentives that are being rolled out for promoting the entire ecosystem pertaining to electric vehicles may come to to nothing if this important aspect of customer concerns regarding safety of electric vehicles is not taken care of.

This becomes the joint responsibility of the government and the industry players. Every effort must be done to standardize the components and the accompanying quality standards, that go into do these vehicles. While to put in elements like certification and audits and checks, it does add to to the the hassles of doing business, but in this case it seems because the industry is decent it is important and critical to the growth of the industry. The overall numbers will continue to grow and that is a fact that points to the attractive economics that electric vehicles offer over petrol vehicles. However it is extremely important to gauge the customer mood and their perception towards safety if the government and industry are serious about doing something for growing the industry and the overall market.

There are grand plans for India to emerge as an exporting nation for electric vehicles and therefore it is extremely important that the outside world also considers, India to be a safe manufacturing destination.

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