And here is some good news for the electric vehicle enthusiasts !

With more and more premium vehicle manufacturers sharing news about they are shipped to to sustainable choices, it comes as no surprise that the top automakers have started to take note of the consumer choices around going electric and sustainable transport becoming a necessity for Indian consumers. The latest to join that list is Mercedes Benz which has announced plans for three new models for India. And this is not all the company has more to offer for the Indian consumer since it intends getting into setting up are charging network as well. The management of the company says that at some point of time, they will also offer battery manufacturing as well. Now this is definitely going to spur some competition notably Tesla which has been dilly dallying over its plans in India. While the official reason that has been provided, is that the Indian government it has been slow in in granting permissions and allowing it to import fully built units into India besides putting in conditions for local and domestic content/manufacturing, one of the reasons could be that the company is still evaluating the size and attractiveness and the potential of the Indian market.

Whatever may be the actual reasons, the fact remains that with Tata, Mahindra and Mahindra, and now Mercedes the Indian electric vehicle market will have something to offer for a customer segment right from the most premium to entry level car models.

A big game changer would be e the entry of a large commercial vehicle manufacturer into to the area of of electric trucks and buses manufacturing which will truly set up the ecosystem for or aggressive scale up. Organisations like Ashok Leyland and JBM auto have been already assembling and manufacturing in India. The entry of a large foreign player good also bring in in some world class technology and quality standards that can help with your the ancillary business. We promise we will keep you posted when this happens – hopefully, in the near future !

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