Odisha has selected Bhubaneshwar as the city, with focus on increasing awareness around use of renewable energy – with a focus around solar power. The secratariat building is going in for a 50KW power plant, using solar panels and supplying part of the daily power requirement. It is likely that the power plant is set up and inaugurated on June 5 – World Environment Day.
And Odisha is not far behind, despite the fact, that many districts are LWE affected. Infact, they have a special program for addressing the requirements in such districts, with Jairam Ramesh, implementing and launching a program for ensuring solar powered pure drinking water supply euipment to be installed in such states While the article below finds a mention for Maharashtra, there are many districts in Odisha that get covered via the program. More details can be found here, and the link to the detailed news post that appeared in Times of India recently is below  :


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