An interesting article and comparison on various cities in Haryana and which ones use more solar power. The point is what incentive exists for residents in cities to use solar power. With access to grid power, most residents would prefer to use inverters to power household needs [ if one was to look at economic reasons alone ]. If however, there was a case that can be built up, to combine with subsidy and look at a reduced cost for installing solar rooftop plant, there could be a case that could be built for this decision [ the payback is still around 5 years and beyond the period that may be considered ‘ tempting’ for a household ].

The case could be different though, for large RWAs which could be using DG sets to supply power. The RWAs could benefit from using solar rooftop and reducing loads, by using solar powered periphery lights / common lighting. This is because most installations would be sub optimally using DG sets and cost of generating power is around INR 12 per unit – the same as solar power.

In any case, click through and read a bit more about the figures and the story becomes clearer…

Mewat, Hisar use more solar power than Gurgaon

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