The mess that that financial meltdown globally, has left a lot of us – well precisely that.. shaken and stirred !

A majority amongst us has been touched at close quarters, whether through the real estate market investments or our dabbling in the stock markets (mutual funds and other forms of participation in the market) – and I heard a colleague talking about opening new bank accounts in nationalised banks, such was the concern and fright. While, this meltdown is temporary (fleeting, if one can describe it keeping in mind the lineage and history of financial world) and with the sentiment changing and sanity prevailing, investors world over shall soon realize that while things may not be hunky dory, the future is not all that bleak – of course there are some dents here and there, and its going to take a few quarters to get growth back on track.

If we were to transform this crisis to the climate crisis that is predicted to hit mankind and earth, what would the scenario be like …some of the large countries realise that there are food stocks only for the next two weeks, with drinking water runnning short almost everywhere across- with the change in climate, more and more surface is being submerged by sea water, though. There are energy outages happenning more frequently. Water tables are dropping. Countries have started to blame each other for inaction and causing the crisis – and while in the current crisis, countries have come together to bail out the financial system, in the climate crisis, its one population against the other – simply because it is the test of survival…! Wars shall soon erupt.

Is this likely to happen ? Has someone already built a simulation around this ? I am sure, some of the countries have.. I am told that when man first made the expedition to the moon, the President of the US had two scripts ready.. one in the scenario that the mission was indeed successful, and the other if the mission had failed and the spaceship and men destroyed.

My ramblings above, echo in the thought that the impending climate crisis needs to be taken up with the same sense of urgency that governments and central banks displayed in announcing bail out packages and nationalisation of banks where required – an over 1 trillion dollar global governmental initiative can do wonders to the climate change (renewables) business worldwide – if nothing else, it will bring every individual to become acutely aware of the seriousness of the crisis that mankind faces.

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