I have this crazy thought – of creating a 5000 people strong movement – of resources committed to make Faridabad ( the place where I stay) the most green city ( through planting trees, promoting cleanliness and reducing use of plastics / non biodegradable packaging, etc.) in India. The thought has at its roots, an idea of bring together like minded people, who can contribute positively – through group action to making this dream a reality.

Obviously, motivating capable and bright minds is a challenge. The challenge is similar to the workplace challenges that one faces routinely. In this case, the workplace environment changes to a more social context ( probably far more valuable and meaningful than what a lot do for a living) of causing positive change to the nature and environment.

Any thoughts / ideas and suggestions would be most welcome. The group may not be restricted alone to Faridabad / NCR. The key word is like-minded and affiliation is open to one and all.

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